P.O. Fitness Classes

All levels welcome!

Boot Camp

Kick off the weekend on Friday mornings with Erin by burning a ton of calories, getting stronger, and having fun! The class includes a variety of exercises including body-weight strength training, bursts of cardio and endurance, and HIIT to really boost your workout. Bootcamp is a great challenge for people of all levels, and will inspire and empower you to do your best so that you leave each class standing a little taller and feeling more confident!

Full Body Circuit

Target strength building and muscle endurance through intervals of different body-weight exercises and cardio while wearing a smile!

Pilates (upper body)

Pilates (upper body) will focus on toning the arms, back, and core. The class will improve posture, balance, and inner strength. 45 minutes will be dedicated to problem areas that will help lead to a healthier lifestyle. This is the perfect morning class for those headed off to a busy day schedule.

Pilates (lower body)

Pilates (lower body) will focus on flexibility, balance, and core strength. A series on nonimpact exercises will define the legs and lower body, with a focus on abdominal exertion. Mat work and standing series can be expected, similar to popular demand yoga and barre classes. Feel the difference as you walk through your day after this results-driven class.

Yoga Bootcamp

Looking to add a little umph to your yoga practice? Yoga bootcamp will guide participants through a challenging vinyasa flow, building extra strength through bodyweight movements. Come to break a sweat, but leave feeling relaxed and centered.

Yoga Flow

Yoga Flow can help cure any case of “the Mondays”! This all levels class will strengthen the body, unwind the mind and uplift the spirit. Join us to breathe, move, stretch and relax in the sunshine. Start your week off with self-care to feel balanced and refreshed for whatever comes next.


Zumba Fitness mixes low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party set to Latin and international music. Zumba is a total workout, combining all elements of fitness — cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility — so that students leave sweaty, energized and having received a serious dose of awesome.